Joint Replacement Center


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The spectrum of Bone tumors ranges from innocuous incidental lesions to Benign ones and to the most dangerous malignant tumors. The diagnosis of tumors needs a holistic approach with a battery of investigations including X rays, CT, MRI and biopsy (HPE) in some cases. High suspicion of metastasis need to be borne in mind and should be sought for.

Broadly the treatment consists of :

Benign tumors
a. Resection
b. Curettage and filling of space with cement + bone graft
c. Resection and reconstruction of the bone defect

Malignant tumors
a. Resection and reconstruction
1. Arthrodesis – fusing a joint
2. Megaprosthesis – restoring the mobility of joint
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy might be needed in the preoperative and postoperative period depending on the diagnosis of the lesion.