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Arthritis is a degenerative disease of your joints leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness. It mostly affects the knee joints of the body. The incidence of arthritis is on rising and it now affects around one in six of the adult population worldwide.

If we look at the right foods to combat arthritis, there is no single magic food regime to cure arthritis. First, you need to get your weight right to reduce stress on your knee joints and it has been proven that 1 pound reduction of body weight reduces about 4 pounds of strain on knee joints. Secondly, some foods have been shown to have the potential to increase lubrication in the joints, some have been shown to potentially reduce the inflammation in the joints and all these characteristics of foods help to alleviate the pain of arthritis.

This article will help you select the foods to be included and excluded from your daily menu caring for your joints.


They form the major portion of any style of cuisine. Refined grains such as white rice tend to raise the blood sugars quickly which is pro-inflammatory and bad for joints. So it is better to replace them with whole grain variety or fiber rich ones such as whole oats, whole wheat, millets or barley. These whole grain foods are rich in antioxidants which help to reduce the inflammation in joints and subsequent pain. They are also fiber rich which helps to put your body weight in control.


Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and brussels sprouts have an abundance of antioxidants like vitamin A, C and K which help to protect damage from free radicals. Cruciferous family ones such as Brocolli and Cabbage, in particular, are rich in sulfaraphone compound, it helps to protect cartilage from oxidant damage. Allium family Onion and Garlic enhance the function of immune system and gets it on track to fight the inflammation in joints. Take care of cooking the veggies not using too much water as it might take out all the Vitamins and protective compounds.


Berries like Strawberries or Raspberries should be ones first choice as these are naturally low in sugar and have antiinflamatory properties. Watermelon, Avacado and Grapes have also been proved in reducing the symptoms of arthritis.


Spices are an integral part of our cooking as they add to the taste. Garlic, Turmeric, and Ginger have been found to block the inflamation pathways and thus reduce the damage to the cartilage in joints, reducing the pain.  


Non-vegetarians should include the fish in their cuisine as certain varieties of fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are potential antioxidants. Salmon, Mackerel and sardines do serve the purpose. Fishes also help to get rid of Vitamin D deficiency which might be contributory in exaggeration of the pathology of arthritis.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is best of all the cooking oils. It is known for its antioxidant nature due to the abundance of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Bottom Line

Getting ones food menu right and putting body weight in control is of prime importance in combating the disease of arthritis. These play an additive role in conventional medical treatment. However, it is difficult to predict any change in the natural history of ones degeneration of joints and future need of Joint replacement surgery in severe cases.